Membership Options

Month to Month – Individual – $155 / month

This is our standard membership that will allow an athlete to train at any scheduled class for the month, BURN! is included. Athletes with a Month to Month membership are allowed use of scheduled open gym time as well. This membership option is appropriate for any level of athlete from beginners to elite. However, before being granted access to group CrossFit training, the athlete must complete personal training with Coach Pete to ensure the safety of the athlete as they transition into group CrossFit. The number of personal training sessions will be determined by Coach Pete. Payments will be collected on the 1st of every month. If you start in the middle of the month, your first payment will be prorated.


Month to Month – Same Household – $115 / month

Same membership as “Month to Month – Individual” but with a 25% discount.

$230.00 for 2 people (save $80)

$345.00 for 3 people (save $120)

$460.00 for 4 people (save $160)


1 on 1 Personal Training – $30

Personal training is a great way to start out on your fitness journey. All members will start with personal training as a way to ensure their safety and continued learning as they are transitioning into group CrossFit training. Sessions are 30-45 min. The foundational movements of CrossFit are the main focus of personal training. Here you will learn barbell movements with correct technique with minimal intensity. The path is, technique, then consistency, and then intensity. This is very important in order to progress correctly and safely through loaded and unloaded movements. Along with barbell movements, athletes will be exposed to various training modalities such as kettlebells, rower, assault bike, jumprope, running, jumping, gymnastics, etc. Personal training may also be a path that some people choose who are already in group CrossFit as a way to work on a weakness.